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Letter #20: September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010

Dear Cameron-

This morning we all went to Lutheran General Hospital.  First, we had an ultrasound to make sure you sibling was growing on pace and to find out he gender.  You’re having a little sister!!!!  We are so excited.  Dad and I were secretly hoping to have another girl.  We’ve just loved having you so much.  Plus, we have everything already!  I know you’re going to be such a great older sister.  I hope you get along as well as I did/do with my sisters.  Right now, we think we have her name picked out.  We love the boy names for girls.  So, we’re going with “Ryan.”  I’m sure she’ll get confused all the time, but we just love the name. 

Next, you had your 18 month appt.  Since my appt was running late, dad just took you.  He said you did great, that you did not make a peep during your 3 shots!  How come you’re so tough for him? J 

18 month stats:
Height = 32 inches
Weight = 21 lbs 5 ozs

Other news going on is that we bought a house in Wheaton!  We are set to move Nov 11.  We are so excited to have a big house with a big yard.  We can’t wait for next summer when you can run around outside in the yard.  I can’t wait to decorate your room.  I think Ryan will get all your old decorations and you’ll get a big girl bed, maybe with Curious George bedding.  You love monkeys so much. 

We are so proud of you, Cameron. 
We love you so much.


Green Lake boating with Aunt MAC
Green Lake swimming with Uncle Dave

OT with Grandma
PT with Papa Joe

First PT, Colleen

Pirate patch to strengthen my right eye

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