Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 11, 2014: Upsee

The Upsee has been created to give children who are nonambulatory a chance to walk and see the world from a different perspective.  Cammy's perspective is usually from her wheelchair.  Sure it fits underneath the table to do tabletop stuff, but it usually cannot get close enough to most things to participate.  We can and do take her out, stand her up and hold her as best as we can, but it is very difficult for us to sustain that for very long.  
We waited a while to get the Upsee because of the price and we wanted to see how others liked it.  We don't plan on using it to replace any therapies, but wanted to use it as a supplement for Cammy to bear weight, stretch out her legs, practice walking and most importantly, experience more things.  

When we put her in it, she immediately smiled.  

Then, the light bulb in Billy's head went on and he immediately asked "How long do you think it would take us to complete a 5k?"  Completing a 5k is on Cammy's 2014 Bucket List.  Look out Bloomingdale Park District, Cammy Can is coming for you on September 6!

It might take an hour, but Cammy and Billy will complete the 5k with the Upsee.  It would be incredible to get a team to complete this 5k with Cammy!  

We are looking forward to all the possibilities this Upsee will provide for Cammy.  Everyone has an idea of what they want to do with Cammy in the Upsee.  Completing a 5k is on Billy's list, mini golf and taking a dance class are on my list, playing in the children's garden at the Morton Arboretum is on Ryan's list.  We are anxious to see everything Cammy Can do with the Upsee!

What if the Hokey Pokey really IS 
what it's all about?!?!

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