Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014: Functional Fashion.... the Infinity Scarf

Cammy is 5.  She is a big time Kindergartener.  Cammy is intelligent.  She is well aware of her surroundings.  She knows her 5 year old friends are not wearing bibs.  Cammy knows her 2 year old friends are not wearing bibs!  Just as she takes pride in going to the potty ON the potty like her friends, I know she now prides herself looking as typical as she can at lunchtime in school.  I'm well aware that she draws enough attention to herself with her wheelchair and an aide feeding her, but I want her to look more age appropriate while eating and that means not wearing a bib.  

Thanks for the power of Facebook, a few people recommended Infinity Scarves.  They are very simple to make, whether you know how to sew or not!  I've become addicted to making them for Cammy.  

They are working very well during lunchtime, catching any food or juice.  They are also nice to keep her warm, catch any drool and make her look very hip.  

If you do not know how to sew, here's how to make one from an old t-shirt.  I recommend using a large or XL shirt.  Hit up a thrift store or the clearance section at Old Navy, Kohl's or Target.  Find a shirt with a cute pattern.  All you need is a shirt and a pair of scissors!  

This is an old Cubs shirt that despite the stain, I could not let it go in the garbage.

Cut the seam off the bottom of the shirt.

Your second cut is right below the underarms.  
I just chose 10 inches.  

I cut out the patches from the shirt to sew on the scarf for extra flare.

There you go!  It wraps around her neck twice.  
Super sports fan function fashion!

Another option is to buy a holiday scarf from the Dollar Store and sew the ends together.   

If you can sew, this next option should take you less than 15 minutes.  

I bought knit fabric.  If you are just making 1 scarf, I would buy 12 inches of fabric.  The knit fabric is around 54 inches in length.  So, 12 x 54 gets you a scarf with plenty of room for a double loops around the neck of a little kid.  

Fold the right sides together (looks inside out) and pin along the longer edge.  
Sew the pined edge together. 

Now pull the fabric right side out.

Pin the 2 openings of the tube right sides together.  
Make sure the seams match up.  
Sew as far as you can with your sewing machine then hand stitch the last opening.  
Tie a knot on each end to secure the stitch.  

I hope this easy fashion piece is a solution to many others!

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