Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 12, 2014: Step by Step Injection Training with Photos

We are doing shots on Cammy's right side on even days and left side on odd days.  The arm is in the morning and leg at night.  The location for the arm is the tricep.  The location for the leg is mid-thigh, between the front and the side.

Injections should be given 12 hours apart (+/- 2 hours).

She must have a meal or drink immediately before the injection.
Record the meal time on the log.  

The vial must be refrigerated. Take it out of the refrigerator 20 minutes before the injections. Make sure the vial is labeled correctly: 1 of 6.

Wipe the top of the bottle with an alcohol wipe for 10-15 seconds to steralize it.

Draw plunger back to 20.
Place needle straight into rubber top.  

Turn the needle and bottle upside down.  Push the air from the syringe into the vial.  Pull back to 11 units (or whatever the dosage is at that time period).  Check for bubbles.  If they exist, tap the syringe with your finger until they rise to the top.  Recap the needle without touching the tip of the needle.

Clean Cammy's injection site with an alcohol pad.

Pinch her skin. Inject on a 45 degree angle with the long side down and the bevel (hole) is up.  Once you inject, let go of her skin and finish the injection.

Recap the needle and dispose it in the Sharps container or an empty laundry bottle.

Record the injection time on the log.  

30 minutes after the injection, test her glucose level.  This only needs to be done the first 3 days of every dosage change. 

Testing Blood Glucose Level
Take 1 test strip from the container. 
Insert the test strip into the meter in the direction of the arrows.  The meter will turn on.
The code the display should match the code number on the test strip container (113).

Wash Cammy’s hands.  Clean the fingertip area with an alcohol pad.

Hold the lancet device firmly against the side of one of her fingertips and press the release button. 

 Squeeze her finger to draw blood.  Wipe the first drop away with a tissue. 

Touch a drop of blood to the tip of the “window” on the end of the strip.  Do not put blood on the top of the test strip.

The results will appear in the window. 
If the number is 60 or below, call us and immediately give her juice or a sugary snack.

Record the Glucose Test Time and Glucose Level in the binder. 

Dispose the test strip in the Sharps container.  

To load the next lancet, twist the plunger one-quarter turn forward until it stops.  When the counter shows a number 1, you are at the final lancet.  Change the drum after the final use.  

Enjoy the smiles.  It doesn't hurt Cammy.  She knows you are trying to help her.

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