God gives us only what we can handle. Apparently God thinks I’m a bad-ass.

Dear Cammy,
When I became a mom, there were so many lessons I had tucked away to teach you. I had no idea that you would be teaching me more about the world than I could ever possible teach you. For Mother’s Day 2013, I decided to write a letter to my former self through the years. I wanted to write to that girl growing up and tell her all the lessons she would learn with her life experiences. While I do not believe that I was born to be a mother to a special needs child, like many people tell me, I do believe that all my life experiences have prepared to me a mother of a special needs child. Reflecting back on moments that have stuck out throughout my 33 years, I can see how they prepared me. At 4 years old, you my angel, have taught me the most important lessons in life.
I love you,

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