Tuesday, June 17, 2014

July 30, 2011: First time on a horse. Hippotherapy.

Cameron rode a horse for the first time today.  I thought it would be a Shetland pony or at least have a bunch of adaptive, protective equipment on it.  Nope.  Riding a horse is supposed to help build core strength and build muscle memory.  The gait of a horse is similar to that of a human.  
Ryan picked out Cammy's helmet as a gift.  It's purple with bunnies on it.  Ryan loves bunnies.  There were not any with monkeys on it, which are Cameron's favorite animals.  Cameron smiled when Ryan gave it to her. 
Cameron rode the horse in a few different positions to work on different muscles and coordinations: forward, backward, side-saddle and on her belly.  
She did really well for her first session.  
Immediately afterwards, Cameron went to Communication therapy with Susan Norwell.  Both of these therapies are extremely exhausting for her.  

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