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June 23, 2011: Cammy is the IRSF's Featured Angel of the Month

Hi, my name is Cameron, and I was born on March 10, 2009. My parents had concerns when I was six months old and did not show interest in transitioning or crawling.  Doctors said “wait and see” for the next six month. When I was 12 months old, testing continued, and I began physical, occupational, developmental, and speech therapy. In the meanwhile, my MRI and blood work all came back normal. By 18 months, I was still unable to sit, transition, crawl, pull to stand, or walk. I lost my verbal communication and self-feeding and manipulations skills, and my left hand was constantly in my mouth. At 20 months, we visited a physiatrist who made a clinical diagnosis of Rett Syndrome.  On January 7, 2011 at 2:45 pm, my mommy, who was 35 weeks pregnant, received a call confirming that I had Rett. 

My parents allowed themselves one night to mourn. They woke up the next day and took action because our family is filled with fighters! The first thing we decided upon was my nickname Cammy Can.  Then, within the next three months, my family and friends helped me raised over $30,000. My mommy tells people all the time that I’m the hardest working two-year-old in town!

Each week I have physical therapy twice, occupational therapy twice, speech therapy twice, and developmental therapy once, in addition to various other appointments for my eyes, nutrition, and general health. I just starting spending time with a very cool lady named Susan Norwell who facilitates communication between silent angels like me and other people. She helps Rett families show the world what we already know—that girls with Rett are really smart!

My little sister, Ryan, is four months old and makes me laugh all of the time. Some of my favorite moments are spent playing with her. I shower her with kisses to let her know that her big sister loves her very much. I think it is funny to watch my parents interact with Ryan. Since living with Rett has always been a normal way of life in our house, they look at Ryan like she’s an alien when she does things typical kids do!

I love being around people, especially my 18 cousins.  And, I am so lucky that I get to see all four of my grandparents on a weekly basis. When I am not working hard in therapies, I love reading, swimming, listening to music, and swinging. My favorite time of day is family reading time with my mommy, daddy, and Ryan right before bed. I also love watching Sesame Street, especially the episode with Ryan Reynolds in The A Team.  I wonder if he’ll consider working with Cookie Monster on filming a segment called C is for Cammy!

Living in a world with Rett has been hardest on my parents, but I am as happy as can be because I do not know anything different. I am always surrounded by love and support, and I bring immense joy and inspiration to others. What could be more important than that?!?! My family and I constantly tell people that Rett is messing with the wrong kid.  Cammy Can!

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