Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dec 18, 2014: Day off in Boston

It was a very relaxing morning. We went downstairs for breakfast with our favorite people here. Ricky, Al and Andreas greeted us with huge hugs. They told Cammy how much they missed her and how happy they were that we were back. They asked about Ryan and when Billy was coming. Then, they brought out Cammy's Rudolph pancakes with a smoothie. She ate the entire plate of pancakes.

Then, we went swimming. The pool is a little cold, but Cammy tolerated it for 30 minutes today. She smiled the entire time and actually enjoyed the stretching. A song she loves is one from my mom: "'A' my name is "Anna" and my husband's name is "Adam" we come from "Alabama" and we sell "Apples"" and so on throughout the alphabet because she can truly help with the song. So while we swim, I go through the alphabet and give her 2 choices for everything: girl's name, boy's name, place, item. She loves certain names with certain letters. She always picks M for Molly and wants to sell pickles and thinks it's funny when we can pick the same name for a girl AND boy.

After swimming, Cammy loves taking showers here. This summer while we were here was the first time she took a shower. I think she likes the idea of using adult shampoo and conditioner.
Then, I broke my phone  So if you have my #, can you please send me a text with your name in it so I can save your number.

After a 3 hour adventure to the mall, the day flipped back to awesome when we opened our room door to find more gifts! The front desk sent up a snowman night light, mini Christmas tree and flowers for Cammy. Have I told you how much we love everyone here? There was also a package with a mini tree in it to light up our room. Thank you, Kim!!!! We sent Ryan a photo. We are calling that tree "Ryan"

Cammy and I played around with some of the things people sent us. Thank you all for the mail. It's really helping us (quite possibly, more me) get through all of this.

We received Cammy's report from the Mullen test. Opening it was today's #RettIsMessingWithTheWrongKid moment. Cammy will turn 6 in March. She scored at the age equivalent 5 years 9 months for Visual Reception and 5 years 5 months for Receptive Language! #ProudMom #WickedSmart It just reinforces everything we have been doing with and for Cammy. It shows you how much early intervention does. We have never treated Cammy like she didn't understand and have kept spoken to her like we do with Ryan, explaining and teaching. We are so grateful to have an amazing group of therapists and teachers who believe in her too. #ShesInThere #Believe

Billy comes tomorrow night. We cannot wait.

Goodnight Boston

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