Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec 22, 2014: Final injection of 2014

After Al made Cammy another amazing pancake breakfast with a smoothie, we made sure we said goodbye to all our favorite Hyatt friends in case we didn't see them Tuesday before we left.  It means the world to us that they tram us like family.  They tell us about their own families as they have learned so much about ours.  Although we are excited to go home, we are sad to say goodbye to our friends.  Thank you Ivan, Ricky, Al, Andres, Arturo, Roger, Maria, Pat, Kerolyn, Lina and many others for your kindness.  You go above and beyond to make us feel like this is our home away from home.


Cammy had her final autonomic testing of this trip.  Cammy was extra smiley during this testing.  I think it was because she knew it was the last one of the trip and final morning injection of 2014.  I had to do my part of the study answer an hour's worth of questions during this time as well.  

We said our goodbyes to Natalie and Heather.  We will see Grace tomorrow. 
After lunch , Cammy and Billy went for a final swim while I packed up our room. 
We ordered Bertucci's pizza and enjoyed it by the fire on the 3rd floor.  Cammy polished off another Mike's cannoli of the trip. 
Since Billy gave Cammy her first injection back in August, we thought he should give her the final injection of this 20 week period.  As usual, Cammy slept right through it.

Goodnight Boston

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