Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec 20-21, 2014: Weekend in Boston

At breakfast, Cammy ate her entire plate of pancakes with real whipped cream, syrup, 1/2 banana and a few strawberries.  She's going to be pretty disappointed when we get back home and it's instant oatmeal and frozen pancakes during the week before school again.  She's getting the royal treatment here.  They are even calling her "princess."  

Cammy and Billy went for a swim.  We are so lucky the Hyatt has a gigantic pool for Cammy to swim in almost every day we are here.  She loves it so much and it's so good for her.
I don't know if it was from the gigantic breakfast or being here a week finally caught up to her, but Cammy was finally took a good nap.  We woke her up to go to the North End and she fell asleep again as soon as we got on the T.  

It's very difficult to find a place to eat in the North End with a wheelchair.  it seems like a mountain when we are looking at restaurants with 3 steps to the entrance. Most places have steps, very narrow aisles or tight seating.  We finally found a place.  Cammy slept straight through our late lunch, which was actually nice for Billy and I to enjoy a meal with it taking extra long to feed Cammy.  

As exhausted as Cammy was, she woke up immediately once we walked into of Mike's.  She absolutely loves cannolis, which we discovered on our very first trip to Boston in July.  Oreo is her favorite.  We each got two to have over the next four days.  Cammy picked oreo and chocolate chip. Billy picked expresso and pistachio.  I chose expresso and mint chip. 
We bundled Cammy back up and headed out to find the skating rink and Christmas lights. On the way, Cammy was finally hungry again, so we stopped in Dunkin Donuts for a chocolate glazed donut for her.  She loves anything chocolate nowadays.
The park was lit up so beautifully.  The line was extremely long for ice skating.  We weren't planning on skating that evening, as we heard that Kendall Square has an outdoor rink which is less crowded.  So we planned to do that Sunday afternoon.  

When we got back to the hotel, Cammy had the lasagna with short ribs I ordered from the restaurant.  We call her 'Garfield' because she loves lasagna so much.  She showed her the box of Mike's.  Her little hand reached in the box for one.  We asked her which cannoli she wanted.  She choose oreo immediately.  She smacks her lips, grins, giggles and kicks her legs with excitement with each bite. 

Since she napped for so long, we were worried she wouldn't sleep at night, so we went down to the lobby bar.  Cammy had her princess bottle full of juice, I had my diet coke and Billy had a Manhattan.  We joked around "3 Babiarzes walk into a bar, 2 need to be rolled out."

We Skyped with Ryan.  She was cracking us up.  We all miss her so much. We play a game where we say "i love you to (insert place)" and go back and forth laughing at each other's creativity.  This evening, I told her "i love you to the moon."  She replied "I love you to the sun."  I told her "Cammy says 'I love you Boston.'"  Ryan replied "I love Cammy to Wheaton."  Billy said "I love you to Jefferson Preschool."  Ryan replied "I love you to White Castle."  Ryan wins. 
Goodnight Boston

Lazy Sunday
Cammy had another enormous breakfast, then went for another swim. 
After lunch we headed out to Kendall Square to go ice skating.  We were excited to see how small the rink was and that it wasn't too crowded.  Our excitement quickly turned to sadness and disappointment as we were told that wheelchairs were not allowed on the ice.  Some things are worth fighting about and some things are not.  I know some rinks around us at home don't allow wheelchairs for safety reason and liability. 
So we walked over the Legal Seafood for an early dinner.  Cammy tried clam chowder for the first time.  She wasn't crazy about it.  

When we got back to our room, Cammy thrilled to eat another cannoli. 
Goodnight Boston 

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