Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec 23, 2014: Final blood draw and check up with Dr. K in 2014

Cammy had to fast this morning.  We had to get to the hospital by 8.  We were waiting out front for the bus when Pat pulled the shuttle up to take us to the hospital.  We are so lucky to have Pat.  He's taken it upon himself to be Cammy's personal chauffeur this trip.  He's prided himself in making her fall asleep each time he drives her.  

At the hospital, they gave Cammy numbing cream right away for the blood draw.  While they were waiting for it to kick in, they took all her vital and measurements.  

The blood draw was a piece of cake for Cammy.  She didn't even flinch.  This nurse stuck her right the first time.  What a relief!  Cammy was so excited to eat once it was over.  She gobbled down her peanut butter and jelly and cannoli.  This kid can't get enough of cannolis.  

Dr Kauffman came in and greeted Cammy with a big hug first, then us.  He gave us updates about the trial and process of the trial.  We love him so much.  He truly loves all our girls.  He is always so grateful to all the families in the study for being in the study.  

We said our goodbyes to Dr. Kauffman, Grace and the others involved in the study.  We were all so excited that we finished an hour ahead of schedule.  We were able to check out the new interactive parts of the hospital like the musical staircase and the Ryan Seacrest Studio.  

Back at the hotel, we grabbed lunch, rested for an hour and finished packing up our things 
We said our final goodbyes to the staff and headed to the airport.  Cammy always has a big proud smile on her face when we take a taxi or shuttle because she sits with a regular seatbelt on like a big girl.  

We flew through security at the airport with an airport assistant guiding us.  It's so helpful to ask for assistance.  We bypassed all lines with Cammy's wheelchair.  It was also so nice not to have medication and needles with us. Having to show security the doctor's note and have it all inspected slows us down.

Our flight was on time.  We has pre-boarding again and choose row 2 this time.  It was so much better.  Previously, with the first row, I had to hold Cammy's iPad the entire flight.  There was no under the seat storage, so that was a pain for me with all the stuff Cammy needs.  Row 2 is he way to go.  This was Billy's first time flying with Cammy.  He stepped in like the pro he is.  Cammy was all smiles throughout the flight.  She's an incredible traveler.

We landed to a bummer of a text from grandpa B, saying that our van battery was dead.  We didn't want to wait for roadside assistance to jump the van then grandpa B drive 45 minutes to the airport.  we just wanted to get home.  So we took a cab.  Ryan ran out the door to my screaming "mommy" when she saw me.  I started to cry.  It was the best welcome.  I missed that little peanut so much. 
Cammy was out cold when we got home.  She was an easy transfer to her bed.  After hearing all about Ryan's time at home, school, and grandma's, I tucked her in and was in bed by 8:30.  I know I could sleep for days, but will be up at 4:30am with Cammy tomorrow.  I'm so happy that Billy took Christmas Eve off because I'm going to be a zombie.  Cammy and I survived another 10 days in Boston.

Goodnight Wheaton. 

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