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Letter #2: April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009
Dear Cammy-
You are almost 4 weeks old now.  I can’t believe how different you look and how much you’ve grown in just 4 weeks. 
You are such a little angel.  We really lucked out with a good baby.  You eat and sleep all day.  You do not fuss.  Anytime you do cry, it’s not for long b/c you just want to eat!  Wow, can you eat!  I think you look like a Babiarz, but you eat and sleep like a Corrado.
I’m sure by the time you read this, you’ll have hear my labor story with you several times. But here are the details anyway…
On Monday, March 9, dad and I went in for an ultrasound and stress test.  The ultrasound showed that you had some more room to grow in there, so I thought it would be at least 1 more week until you’d want to come out.  Then, when I had the stress test, Dr. Sum read the test incorrectly and had us go upstairs to be induced.  She thought your heart rate declined every time I had a contraction, when it actually spiked, like it should.  Hearing her tell me that I needed to be induced that day made me very nervous.  So, we headed up and I got all hooked up, when Dr. Locker told us that Dr. Sum read it wrong and that everything was okay.  He told us that since I was hooked up already, they might as well induce. 
At noon on March 9, they inserted the Foli Bulb, which they told me would be inside of me for 12 hours.  We didn’t tell anyone that we were in the hospital except Aunt Kim, and Uncle Joe and Aunt Erin.  At 4 pm, they gave me a small dosage of pain medications, which made me throw up.  When Aunt Erin and Uncle Joe came to visit that day (Olivia had a doctor’s appointment), the nurse slipped and told Erin that we were having a girl. Up until that point, no one but us knew what you were.  Anyway, after I threw up, they gave me anti-nausea medicine.  At midnight, they took out the Foli Bulb and told me I still wasn’t dilated enough.  A couple hours later they gave me the epidural, which worked instantly.  I could not feel my lower body.  Dad had to move my right leg anytime I had to roll over b/c it was completely dead.  Around noon on March 10, they told me I’d be ready to start pushing in an hour.  So, dad told our families it was about time.  Well, then, the doctor checked me and you were flipped upsidedown.  So, I had to lay in a side position for a couple hours until you flipped back around.  At 3pm, I started the pushing.  The doctor told us it would take 1-1.5 hours.  HA! 
Dad was such an angel during this and was the reason I was able to push you out!  J During the first hour, I didn’t feel a thing, then the epidural started to wear off.  I caught a glimpse of what was going on through the TV and threw up instantly!  After 2 hours, I didn’t think you were going to come.  I was in so much pain and knew you were no where near coming out.  Dad was holding my head and right leg, while doing the breathing with me. Without him, I don’t think I could have done it.  I thought they were going to have to do a C-section.  Finally, at 6:02 pm, you decided to join us!  They had to have a neonatal specialist come in b/c the labor took so long and you swallowed some fluid and pooped while you were inside of me.  You were totally fine though.  I’ll let dad tell you the details of what he saw on his way to see you right after you were born.  I made him promise me to never tell me what he saw.  
So, after 40 hours of fasting, 30 hours of labor including 3 hours of pushing, you arrived. 
Your stats:
March 10, 2009
8 lbs, .04 ozs
19 inches
I love you,

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