Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 1: Off to Cape Cod

After we hugged almost every staff member for such an incredible stay at the hotel, we packed up the rooftop carrier and van to head to Cape Cod for the weekend.
We have been so excited for this weekend ever since our friends offered to open their home up to us. We were so excited to first meet the Endres crew for lunch. We have met so many incredible Rett families in our Rett journey.  We are so lucky to have a few in our lives that we know we would have been friends with regardless of Rett.  Back home, we have our little crew of Illinois-Wisconsin families that we make sure we see regularly.  We wish the Endres family lived closer because we know they'd fit right in. 
Jilly and Cammy both slept through lunch, but I'm pretty sure they were just letting their parents catch up without being rudely interrupted in their own conversation.  Even though Jennifer and I (or any Rett mom) usually talk about Rett, our families, our girls, it's so nice to see and hear Billy and Justin (or any Rett dad like Billy) talk about everyday things and not Rett.  I love and appreciate that Rett is not always on their minds and they can separate it.  They talk like any friends do. 
Both girls perked right up at Sundae School for ice cream. Ryan wanted to know if Colin could have ice cream any time he wanted to. Cammy tried a new ice cream, Oreo. She loved the whipped cream and REAL ice cream. Jilly and Cammy were having their own conversation while Jennifer and I were being silly behind the cameras to make them smile for us. They were giving each other eyes like they were so embarrassed of us. I know Cammy was saying "See what I have to deal with?" Cammy was all smiles for Justin.  I had to have a talk with her again (as Cammy prefers many husbands to the wives) that Justin belonged to Jennifer and not her  We had so much fun and were so grateful that they could take time out of their day to hang out with us.

After our goodbyes, we headed to the D'Amour home. We were thrilled to be in a home and that we felt at home. Ryan was so excited to run around a home again. Cammy and Ryan loved walking on the pier to look at the water and boats before bedtime.

Billy and I had been waiting for lobster rolls all trip and we were not disappointed. Thank you for a lovely evening Mrs. D'Amour. Dinner and your company has hit the spot.
We are looking forward to a good night's sleep and play on the Cape tomorrow.

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