Friday, August 8, 2014

July 30, 2014: EEG - Neuroscientist in Training

We had another early breakfast at 6:30. Cammy was just as excited to see Ricky as he was to see her. She has loved everything she's eaten here. She's gotten quite spoiled that I'm worried when we get back home and it's frozen pancakes, instant oatmeal for breakfast again. Sunday morning Ricky made her personalizes Mickey Mouse pancakes and this morning she devoured 3 pieces of french toast with syrup, strawberries and whip cream. 
We arrived at the office at 8:00 for her EEG. Tessa put all Cammy's monitors on while she explained the procedure. The hair net that was going to be put on has 128 sensors on it to check different areas of the brain Cammy would watch just have to watch a movie They calibrated a Tobii to track her eyes first, then put Sesame Street on. Tessa put her cap on while Morgan sat with her. She smiled and giggled the entire time. The girls were excited also to be watching something other than Dora They tracked her brain activity and had her hand sensors on. She first watched a bit of Sesame Street with her hands free, then they braced her left, then they braced both. 

We then headed down to the 4th floor to meet with Heather. We were back in the room for more autonomic testing. A ton more of mail was waiting for us.  This has been the biggest boost for us.  Thank you everyone!  Cammy was excited to watch more Sesame Street during the autonomic testing for 90-120 minutes.  

We ate lunch back at the hotel. We all laid down for a nap at 2 and everyone slept until 5. A 3 hour nap for each of us has never happened. I guess Boston caught up to us.
We headed out to Brookline to eat at Otto's, but there was an hour wait. So, we went across the street to The Upper Crust. Ryan picked out half of the pizza with cheese, black olives and sausage while Cammy, Billy and I wanted proscuitto and roasted red peppers. Cammy loved it!

We enjoyed dessert (courtesy of the Prestipino's) in the courtyard of our hotel. Then we put up some of the awesome pictures and decorations we received in the mail today while the girls played dress up with the silly glasses that the Brown, Sweeney and Palermo families sent with their paper doll chain.
Thank you all so much. Getting the pieces of mail puts smiles on all of our faces.

Today was a good day.
Tomorrow Cammy has an EKG, then Billy and I have medication training.
Goodnight Boston.

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