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Letter #13: December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009

Dear Cameron-

You had your 9 month appointment on December 9. 
Your stats:
Height: 28 ½ inches (85th percentile) – You must get your height from Grandpa B and
                                                               Aunt Stephanie!
Weight: 18 lbs 5 ozs (45th percentile)

Your fine motor skills are top notch, but you’re a little behind on your gross motor skills.  Most kids are crawling now, but you’re very content not moving.  You don’t crab or cry when you can’t get something, you just put your head down.  Hopefully you’ll be moving within a month.  I guess some kids never crawl though, they just walk. We’ll see.

December 10 was my 30th birthday and you turned 9 months.  We took a picture together when I held a sign that read “360 months” and you had one that read “9 months.”  It was my favorite part of the day.  I used to hate my birthday, but I wasn’t dreading this one.  I always wanted to be at a certain point in my life when I turned 30.  Now that I have you and dad, I have exactly what I wanted, so I didn’t dread turning 30.

I am enjoying being a mother the older you get.  Although I know there will be a time when I wish you weren’t growing up J  You are just so much more curious and your personality shows more and more. 

Dad took you to see Santa at Nordstrom’s downtown with your cousins Caden, Linden, and Addy.  He said you cried the whole time waiting in line, but once he put you in Santa’s lap, you were smiling.  I wish I saw that in person, but he took some great pictures. 

You don’t like to eat solid food.  One of the only things that you’ll eat is cottage cheese, which is something that both dad and I think it disgusting.  You absolutely adore Elmo.  We listen to Sesame Street songs in the car and you babble along with them.  Dad I can sings along to them, especially the “Whappa Whappa” song. 

I can’t wait to see your reaction on your first Christmas. 

I love you,

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